Greece Golden
Visa Costs

The costs of the Golden Visa processing concern the preparation stage, the transaction stage and the submission of the applications. Greece has not only the minimum investment amount in Europe, but also offers the lowest real estate transactional cost and the lowest golden visa Government fees.

Find the most important costs and
expenses that may occur during the
process, so you can do your budget
more efficiently.

Golden Visa Processing Costs

Even if you apply through the real estate route or through an investment in financial products, there are a few expenses and costs for the immigration process. Please find below all possible costs and expenses for the Golden Visa processing.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) in front of a Greek Notary or Greek Consulate: € 300-400 (approx.)


Interpreter Fee for translating and co-signing the POA with the principal: € 100-200 (approx.)

Private Health Insurance

Up to 65 years old: € 100-250 per person
66-76 years old: € 250-350 per person
76- … : under special conditions (i.e. good medical history etc.) Upon request

Immigration Government Fees

Main investor Application/renewal: € 2,000
Family Member Application/renewal > 13 years old: € 150 per person
Printing cost (it applies to all applicants regardless their age): € 16 per person

Real Estate Acquisition Costs

If you apply for a golden visa through the acquisition of real estate assets in Greece, there are some standard transactional costs paid always by the buyer, according to the law. Even if someone tells you that the seller can pay for a few of these costs, you should know that the buyer is always required to pay these costs for tax reasons, so this prctice may expose the investors to potential risks.

Property Transfer Tax

For all properties, regardless the type of the property 3,09% of the property value*
Note: After December 2022, 24% VAT for new projects may apply, depending on the project.

Land Registry or Cadastral Office

Public Land Registry (for all properties) 0,475% of the property value* (approx.)
Public Cadastral Office (for all properties) 0,575% of the property value* (approx.)

Notary Public

Notary authentication of the property acquisition 1,5-2% of the property value*
plus VAT (approx.)

Real Estate Agency (optional)

If you decide to use a Real Estate agency, keep in mind their most common fee 2% of the property price, plus VAT

Note: As “property value” is considered the highest between the objective (tax) value and the real price agreed by the parties.

Example: a family of three with a property for 250k.

We calculate all processing standard expenses (without including the legal fees or broker fees) for a family consists of 3 members, i.e. main investor, spouse and one child aged 19 years old. The family buys a property for the minimum of 250,000 EUR.

Real Estate Transaction

Property Transfer Tax: € 250,000 * 3,09% = € 7,725
Land Registry: € 250,000 * 0,575% = € 1,437.50
Notary: € 250,000 * 1,5% +24% = € 4,650

Sum: € 13,812.50

Golden Visa Processing

Stamp Duty for main investor: € 2,000
Stamp Duty for adult family members: 150 * 2 = € 300
Printing cost for 3 Residence Cards: 16 * 3 = € 48
Health insurance for 3 people: 100 * 3 = € 300

Sum: € 2,648 EUR

Total Expenses: € 13,812.50 + € 2,648 = € 16,460.50 EUR

If they have found the property through a real estate agency, then they will probably have to pay also another 2% plus VAT for the broker’s fee: € 250,000 * 2% +24% = € 6,200

And the total sum should be: € 16,460.50 + € 6,200 = € 22,660.50 EUR

The example above concerns only the standard transaction costs and expenses and not the legal fees.