Greek Citizenship Option

Greek Golden Visa holders may apply for Greek
citizenship after legally residing in the country for 7
years. Acquiring a Greek passport provides you with
substantial benefits in terms of travelling, working
and studying abroad.

Golden Visa holders may apply
for the Greek citizenship option
by naturalisation.

How to Acquire Greek Citizenship

Golden Visa Holders

  • After 7 years of permanent and legal residence in Greece, all Golden Visa holders may apply to acquire
    the Greek citizenship through naturalisation.
  • Each adult should submit a separate application for naturalisation.
  • Citizenship is automatically granted to minors once a parent successfully acquires citizenship.

Children under the age of 23 who have attended Greek-curriculum school in Greece may apply earlier for citizenship:

  • After successfully attending 9 school years in primary and/or secondary school.
  • After successfully attending the 6 school years in secondary school (junior and senior high school).
  • After graduating from both a Greek senior high school (upper secondary educational level) and a Greek university.

How You Benefit from Greek Citizenship

Acquiring the Greek citizenship brings considerable benefits:

EU Passport

Greek citizens enjoy visa-free or visa on arrival access to over 180 countries worldwide, ranking the Greek passport 7th in the world.

Work Permit

As a Greek citizen, you have the right to live, work and study in Greece or any other EU country.

No Investment Requirement

Once you acquire citizenship, you are no longer required to maintain your investment. You may dispose of your Golden Visa investment, as no further renewals are required.

How We Assist You

Our dedicated team of expert lawyers can assist you in residence and citizenship planning and help you out with all required steps:

  • Advise you on the requirements for Golden Visa holders and provide you with proper legal support to comply with the law.
  • Educate you about and familiarise you with the process.
  • Prepare all documents and files required for applying for citizenship.
  • Submit the application to the relevant authority.
  • Closely monitor the application progress and keep you updated (usually 2-3 years).
A second residency gives you travel freedom
and safeguards the next generations.