Multiethnic Client Base

Our client base is quite diverse and includes
high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and
ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) from
various countries and backgrounds. Our
international approach has earned us the
expertise and adjustability to meet our clients’
needs, regardless where they come from.

We serve quite a diverse
in terms of background
and country of origin.

Investor Profile

Most of our clients are prominent members of their community and global citizens.

We have helped businessmen, C-level executives, industrialists and bankers, as well as famous artists, athletes and scholars, to acquire residency by investment in Greece.

Our client base is quite diverse, yet they all have one thing in common: they came to us because they needed a credible, trustworthy and professional legal advisor in Greece.

Wide variety of ethnicities

We act locally, we think globally.

We are not focusing on nationals of a particular country, getting out of the comfort-zone.

Through serving clients from various countries, we have been exposed to and acquired unique experience in many different jurisdictions.

Our experience in working with foreign authorities, consulates and financial institutions all over the world coupled with our ability to promptly adjust to each country’s particulars, allow us to better cater for all the different aspects of our clients’ domestic and international activities.

As of today we have supported clients from the following countries:

China, Hong Kong, USA, United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, India, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Israel, Libya, Turkmenistan, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Haiti, Australia, New Zealand, Kongo, Nigeria, Djibouti, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Armenia, Senegal, Iran and Sri Lanka.

A second residency gives you travel freedom
and safeguards the next generations.