Seven reasons to hire us

To successfully apply for a Greek Golden Visa, investors need proper support not only from qualified but also from specialised lawyers. We best protect your interests through a unique combination of strong knowledge, unbiased legal advice and transparent procedures.

Golden Visa


Regulated Law Practice

Unbiased Legal Advise

Policy and Fees

Holistic Approach


Golden Visa Pioneers

Back in 2013, we were involved in developing and implementing the Golden Visa Law, advising the then Government.

With over 40 years of experience in representing HNWI investors, we are constantly called upon to share our know-how with our clients, the Greek Government and the Investment Migration Council.

We focus only on what we know well

Government Advisors

We have built a niche law practice, evolving into the leading law firm in Greece, specialising in Golden Visa and residency by investment.

Since the beginning of the programme, we have retained ongoing communication with the Greek Government to improve the law. We are proud to note that lawmakers have finally voted on the majority of our law firm’s proposals.
We share our valuable know-how

Regulated Law Practice

Since 1978, we are a licensed law practice registered with the Athens Bar Association and regulated under the EU and Greek legsilation.

We comply with the European Lawyers’ Code of Conduct and the Greek Lawyers’ Code of Ethics having the duty of loyalty and confidentiality to our clients. We appoint qualified lawyers as your proxy, to better protect your legal interests.
We are not another “advisory firm”

Unbiased Legal Advise

We are independent lawyers, with no hidden agenda. We let you choose the real estate or financial investment on your own. We then provide unbiased legal advice on the investment of your choice and continue to do so throughout the transaction.

We apply high professional standards to avoid any conflict of interest, working exclusively for the benefit of our clients.
Protecting only our clients’ interests

Transparent Policy and Fees

When providing legal advice and support, we always make sure to keep you informed about all the details of your case, acting only with your prior written approval.

To this end, we have also adopted a fair and transparent fee structure with no hidden fees, setting up openness as a top priority for the firm.
Openness is a top priority for us

Holistic Approach

We offer a holistic approach to our clients, keeping our handholding role even when your case has been completed and your golden visas have been delivered.

Our Asset Management division can help you to manage your investment, tax issues, renewals etc. while our legal team will keep you updated with any news related to your golden visa status and your assets in Greece.
Something more than a law firm

International Footprint

Our strong ethics, expertise and winning mindset have gained global recognition from our international colleagues worldwide.

International organisations, law firms, family offices, private bankers, wealth management offices and auditing firms trust us to refer their clients for their Golden Visa plans, which is the greatest reward for our firm.
Enjoying international recognition
A second residency gives you travel freedom
and safeguards the next generations.