Alexander Varnavas’ Interview at The LEGAL 500

The elements that make Varnavas Law Firm 1978 stand out.

In the frame of the recent hosting of Varnavas Law Firm 1978 in the renowned online directory of The LEGAL 500, the firm’s Partner, Alexander Varnavas, gave an in-depth interview, analyzing the main elements that make VLF stand out, especially in the field of Investment Immigration and Real Estate Law.

More specifically, he referred to the extroverted philosophy that Varnavas Law Firm has adopted since its foundation almost 42 years ago. That philosophy is based not only on providing integrated legal services but furthermore in offering proper guidance and support, especially to foreign investors who are unaware of the laws, the market and generally the facts of Greek reality.

This interview highlights the role that technology plays in the smooth operation of the firm and how catalytically it has contributed to the uninterrupted service of all clients during the lockdown period. The use of all the possibilities provided by technology makes daily communication more effective and flexible and all partners directly accessible to customers.

Residency and Citizenship by Investment – Legal practices that will grow in the near future

Among other things, Alexander Varnavas referred to the post-COVID-19 era and the assessment that legal services will be the necessary elements that will come to cover and regulate many aspects of corporate and business activities that are affected nowadays.

He also stressed that the crisis of our days will lead to greater global mobilization in the future and will motivate many people to seek alternative residencies and citizenships through investment migration programs such as the Greek Golden Visa. Some of those people are already considering the RBI and CBI programs either as a backup plan or a safety pin, and others as the first step to a new life in a new home.

The key element of Varnavas Law Firm’s success

Finally, he analyzed the key elements of the law firm’s success, along with the provision of high-quality services is based on the anthropocentric approach:

The clients of Varnavas Law Firm, who are mostly foreign investors, are not just looking for sterile legal advice. They are looking for trustworthy advisors who will support them in all aspects of their investment and will contribute to their familiarity with the investment country, which in our case is Greece.

This can be achieved only in one way: by treating each client as a person with different needs, hopes, dreams and goals. In this way, Varnavas Law Firm has established long-term trusted relationships with hundreds of families worldwide.

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