Introduction to Education and International Schools in Greece

Exploring the Landscape of Education and International Schools in Greece

One significant advantage of acquiring Greek residency (Golden Visa via Investment) is the opportunity to enrol your children in Greek education, whether it’s within the public or private sector.


In Greece, the state’s interest in Kindergartens emerged in 1895 with age-related enrollment regulations. Aikaterini Laskaridou, founded the “Model Kindergarten” in Athens in 1897 as part of the Teaching School. The school became a State-owned Public Educational Institution in 1922

The variety of Public and Greek Preschools cater in Greek, English, French and German.

Primary Schooling – Education

In the 19th century, after gaining independence, Greece began shaping a modern education system. In 1834, a law established public elementary schools, aiming to offer basic literacy and numeracy skills. Though the intent was free education, implementation varied. In the 20th century, primary education saw expansion. Compulsory education was mandated in 1929 for children aged 6 to 12. Reforms aimed to standardize curricula, enhance teacher training, and widen access.

Today, primary education in Greece is provided by the state and some private schools. Compulsory education now spans ages 5 to 15, with a curriculum covering Greek language, math, history, science, physical education, and the arts. Ongoing efforts aim to adapt education to modern demands and maintain quality.

Middle school and High school (Gymnasium & Lyceum)

Starting in 2017, Greece introduced a Unified Lyceum structure, which streamlines education from grades 10 to 12. Students can select a broader range of courses in their chosen track, allowing for greater flexibility and specialization.

Both the Gymnasium and Lyceum are part of the public education system and are available free of charge to Greek citizens and permanent residents of Greece. Private schools also exist at these levels, offering alternative educational options.

International Education

The German and French education pioneered the international education scene in Greece, The Lycée Léonin in Athens, founded in 1901, served as a French international school that provides education aligned with the French curriculum, accommodating students skilled in both French and Greek languages. Similarly, the German school, established in 1896, was founded by architect and archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld, solidifying its position as one of Greece’s most historical and respected private educational institutions.

During the 1940s, specifically in 1945, the Anglo-American School in Athens was established. The school was founded to provide education to the children of British and American expatriates living in Athens, Greece. It aimed to offer a curriculum that combined elements from both the British and American education systems. The school’s creation was likely influenced by the presence of diplomatic and expatriate communities in Athens during and after World War II. Over the years, the Anglo-American School in Athens has evolved and developed further and many other establishments brought a strong presentence to the country.  

At the moment the international schools provide academic programs based on the National Curriculum (England and Wales), The American Diploma curriculum and Courses lead to IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB), The BTS programme, German International Baccalaureate (DIA), of course their programs are adapted to make full use of the location and culture of Greece.

List of International Schools in Athens:

English Curriculum Schools in Athens

  • American Community Schools, ACS (US)
  • Campion School (UK)
  • St. Catherine’s British School (UK)
  • Byron College: The British International School (UK)
  • International School of Athens, ISA
  • Verita International School
  • St. Lawrence College

English and Greek Curriculum

  • Doukas School
  • I.M Panagiotopoulos School
  • Costeas Geitonas School, CGS
  • Pierce (The American College of Greece)
  • International School of Piraeus (ISP)

French and Greek Curriculum

  • Lycée Franco-Hellénique Eugene Delacroix

German and Greek Curriculum

  • Deutsche Schule Athen (DSA)
  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi

Tuition & Fees of International Schools in Athens

The tuition fees for international schools in Athens differ according to various factors such as grade levels, specific programs, and other factors. It’s important to note that these fees are not fixed and may change annually. It’s recommended to directly contact each school for the latest information on tuition fees.

Benefits of Higher Education for holders of the Greek Golden Visa:

A Golden Visa holder who is legally residing in Greece and has graduated from a Greek high school has the same access to higher education as Greek nationals. This means that the same tuition fees that apply to Greek nationals will also apply to you and your children. Furthermore, Golden Visa Holders who have foreign high school credits could look into joining a Greek-American university such as Deree which provides education in the English language. 

However, please note that this rule only applies to education in Greece. If you choose to study in another EU country, you will be treated as an international student. The student status in another EU country, will not clash with your Greek Golden Visa residency or residency benefits. 

Relocating to Greece for International Education with a Minimum of 250k EUR:

As of August 1st 2023, Athens has been divided into two areas for the Golden Visa program. The first set of areas requires a minimum investment of 250k EUR, while the second requires a doubled investment of 500k EUR. The map shows that the North region boasts three highly desirable educational institutions that follow the British system. Additionally, the North still has areas available for investment at the 250k EUR minimum, with convenient access to international schools, such as Geraka and Palini.

To know more about the areas that remain at 250k EUR, you may read our article New Rules and 500,000 EUR Threshold for Greek Golden Visa – When and Where

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