Our CSR Initiatives

We are committed to giving back to our society, led by the
high professional and ethical standards we have set for
our practice. Our goal is not only to be a better law firm,
but also a better employer and a better corporate citizen.

It’s all about living in a 
more caring society.


Environmental Sustainability

Fostering environmental sustainability is one of our top priorities.
To reduce our environmental footprint, we have introduced certain initiatives and policies throughout our day-to-day business:

  • Adopting green printing practices.
  • Using energy more efficiently.
  • Improving the use of natural light.
  • Conserving water.
  • Recycling.

Social Solidarity

We consider children to be the future of our society. To this end, we support institutions that:

  • Promote the well-being of children and their families, such as Unicef.
  • Foster sustainable solutions to meet refugee needs and promote inclusion, such as the Andan Foundation.

We are proud of our social solidarity initiatives, which include fundraising, volunteering and donations.

Also, we encourage all our people to be active and volunteer in activities that support our community.