Who Can Apply

Non-EU citizens who wish to invest in Greece and meet certain investment criteria are eligible to apply for a Greek Golden Visa. Residence permits may also be issued to the investors’ immediate family members.

Three generations are eligible to apply with only one investment.

Eligible Applicants

The Greek Golden Visa scheme applies only to all Non-EU citizens who invest in Greece, according to the Golden Visa Law requirements.

There is no restriction to citizens of any Non-EU country to apply for a Golden Visa in Greece. The investors’ family members also receive a residence permit, with no further investment requirements.

Family members include:

  • Spouses
  • Parents and parents-in-law.
  • Children and spouse’s children under the age of 21, provided they are not married.

When children will turn 21, they can apply for a 3-year independent residence permit, up until the age of 24.

Same-sex spouses can also qualify, provided that they have signed a civil partnership agreement in front of a Greek Notary.

Parents and parents-in-law always qualify with no further conditions.

Residence Permits for
Children Over 21
If they investor’s children is over 21 years, they have to apply for a separate Golden Visa and make a separate minimum investment of €250,000.
In this case, they may jointly buy a provided that the value of each portion will be at minimum €250,000 (for example two children should buy jointly a property of €500,000).

However, it is also possible to make your child the main Golden Visa applicant, especially if they are over 18 years old. This will ensure residency permits for both the child and parents, as well as for the child’s future spouse, children and parents-in-law.

Make Your Minor Child
the Main Investor

Since November 2020, the Greek government has accepted that minors, i.e. children aged under 18 years, may also apply as the main investors for the Golden Visa programme.

The downside, in this case, is that your parents and parents-in-law do not qualify for a residence permit. The upside is that you secure lifetime Golden Visas for your children and their future families, without having to worry about what to do when your children turn 21.

If you finally do decide to make your minor child the principal applicant, there are further issues you should take into consideration, for example, depending on the age of the child, you may need to receive a Court Order before proceeding with the investment.

Non-EU Parents or Unmarried Couples

Your family structure may not allow you to proceed with a straightforward investment and enjoy the Golden Visa benefits.

This is very common in mixed-nationality couples (EU and non-EU) who are not married or in people who already have a second citizenship in another European country and they are seeking a residence permit in Europe for their non-EU parents.

The EU nationality of the person who has the money to invest may prevent them for applying for the Golden Visa.

There are several solutions available in this case:
  • Get someone else to make the payment – The Greek Golden Visa Law provides that the property price may be paid directly by the investor’s relatives, up to 2nd degree, however this may be subject to local taxation.

  • Donate the money before the investment abroad – Both the sponsor and the investor will be asked to prove the source of funds by submitting official documents related to the money donation abroad.

We may also find tailored solutions, for each individual case.

FAQs About Greek Golden Visa Beneficiaries

My wife has a child from a previous marriage.
Can it also apply for a residence permit?
Yes. Your spouse’s minor children from other marriages can also apply for a residence permit, provided they have full custody of the minor. In all other cases, both biological parents should give consent.
I already hold a long-term Visa issued by
another Schengen country. Should I cancel it?
No. A type C Travel Visa (Tourist Visa) will allow you to visit Greece to settle the investment transactions and apply for a Greek Golden Visa.
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A second residency gives you travel freedom
and safeguards the next generations.